Spieltraum – Our mission statement

Right from the start, a child uses all their senses and instinct to get an impression of the world. With all their senses a child feels, sees, hears and smells their environment, relates it to their own actions and assigns meaning to it. For this reason, children need complex possibilities of perception and experience in order to explore the environment for themselves. Through the active participation of the child, an understanding of connections is developed. Children have a natural motivation to try something until success is achieved. img-20150625-wa0005

img_0560Children have the right to have their individuality recognised and to be accepted for who they are. Children have individual needs and abilities due to different abilities, experiences and social backgrounds. From birth, children are oriented towards human contacts and dependent on relationships. Only on the basis of connection, security and commitment, can the child take its own steps and practice social behaviour, social-emotional and independent competences.

The prerequisite for this is a positive self-image. A child who is aware of its strengths and abilities will also be able to act independently and socially. At Spieltraum children are encouraged to cope with conflict situations and complex social problems as independently as possible. The basis for these learning processes is emotional security and attention. Children learn through integration into group processes and through self-determined action.

Urban education close to nature

In its Daycares, Spieltraum Berlin combines nature education with urban education. The children learn how to find their way in the big city and how to experience and enjoy nature. The weekly forest day is an integral part of our programme.

In addition to outdoor experiences, other important components of the forest education concept are the ideas of sustainability and holistic thinking. The aim of the education is therefore the sustainable use of natural resources, which includes the crafting with natural materials and the avoidance of waste as well as catering (breakfast, lunch, snack) from predominantly organic cultivation.

The idea of holistic thinking is to be taken into account through an offer that gives all children access to early musical education, art and sports education, the performing arts and the natural sciences. The aim is to enable children to enable the children to discover for themselves and to develop their own personal interests and talents.



In our Spieltraum facilities, a democratic foundation is established through all levels: the children’s community, the educator’s team, the parenthood and the administrative area. On the one hand, early childhood participation is of great importance in preventive child protection; on the other hand, it is part of the educational understanding of the Spieltraum facilities in accordance with the Berlin educational program. In the educational field, the transfer of one’s own areas of responsibility and the associated self-efficacy experience and the recognition of the colleagues are integrated into a far-sighted planning and development of the staff as well as clear and flat hierarchies. Parents’ rights of participation play a part in our conceptual anchored complaints management.



Openness to innovation is a necessary feature in a rapidly changing information society; Acceptance and interest in other cultures in a big city like Berlin is indispensable. The celebration of national and international festivals is therefore part of our concept, as is the learning of customs, traditions and religions of distant countries.